16-18 juin 2018, New demo's of psychotronic weapons

Saturday, June 16, 2018, It's feast of Eid Al-Adha and the signal of Gladio seems to show nothing. It is relatively flat. In fact, it is not, but I do not notice it.

Gladio had, as he does some times, chosen to change scale. To show me that an operation is running, they went from a maximum of 1500 connections per hour to a maximum of 500. The two scales being present on the same graph, since I show the signal of Gladio on 7 days, I thought there was no Gladio operation, since my level was no more than 500. I was wrong.

At 2 AM, a Facebook friend, Charlotte, starts chatting with me. I answer her that the current terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and that Gladio has one or more psychotronic weapons explaining the number of attacks and recent events. In addition, some of these events have been done by Gladio, to show me the effects of these weapons.

Charlotte is a big fan of a Belgian politician, quite opposed to immigration. She has created a Facebook group to support him and which contains more than 2000 members, mostly Belgian.

At 07:49, Charlotte posted on her group, the private message that I had sent her. On the one hand, I'm not a member of this group, and in addition, Gladio signal being so flat, I do not see what happens.

On the other hand, Google news, has also changed completely its content and I don't find the important information anymore, especially what is happening in Afghanistan. The problem is not better solved, if I use Google news in French, because the French newspapers describe less and less what happens there. So I have to change country and language for each search at the news level, which is tedious. If I do not think about it, I can miss information and that's exactly what happens on that day.

At 15:00, that is +/- 7h after his post, I do not see indeed a Gladio operation was launched. A first major terror attack takes place in Afghanistan, killing 25 people. This attack forms a peak on the Gladio signal and the attack is claimed by Amaq in the name of the IS. However, since the first terror attack of which I was warned, all the terror attacks claimed by Amaq, were organized by Gladio and recorded on my server. I also remind you, the day in October 2017, Amaq took a Belgian domain name for their agency; www.news-agency.be.

At 18:00, a taxi starts to run on pedestrians in Moscow. There are 8 wounded. Unlike Afghanistan and even if there is no death, this information is found immediately on Google News and in all languages.

On the Internet, the videos of this incident clearly show that the taxi deliberately turned to the right and accelerated while he was on the sidewalk. Stopped by a signpost, he did not immediately get out of his vehicle and people started banging him through the window of his door. As he opens his door and manages to get out of his vehicle and escape, he shouts to everyone that he is not responsible. He escapes, frightened, and it's also visible on the videos. He seems as afraid as those he just crushed. Once arrested, he says he does not know what happened; that he fell asleep at the wheel, that he turned and that he pushed on the wrong pedal when he came back to him and that he fainted after being stopped by the post.

He is a Muslim and a father and there is nothing to indicate that he is extremist. His Facebook page shows Surah 82 of the Koran, relating to the Last Judgment. During his interview, he seems sincere, tired and completely stunned.

I immediately make parallels with my file, because it is a taxi and a man who obviously does not know what he did, or why. It looks like the effect of a psychotropic weapon, but on these crushed graphics, I do not see anything. I wonder if Gladio would have chosen to interrupt our communication. Many times during the day, I come back to this incident, especially since it is one of the few where several videos of the event were directly posted online. There is, moreover, no doubt about the interpretation that we can have. It would be a deliberate gesture, but that does not seem to correspond to the individual.

I spend the rest of the day programming and writing some pages that I can insert on the Gladio website.

Sunday, June 17, 2018, at 06:00, a woman, member of Charlotte's group, leaves comments on the post of Charlotte. The first links she posts relate to psychotronic weapons. It makes me happy that someone reacts with intelligence, facing such a subject. Many, especially on this kind of group, are strongly opposed to questioning the will of the Islamists to transform the world into a bloodbath.

Obviously, Gladio did everything to make them think so. Even if they feel they think more than those who open the doors of Europe to immigration, they are wrong. Like most of the human race, they stop at the feelings that some brains want to give them and it works very well. They are so convinced that they have a hard time questioning themselves. This is another danger of the current situation.

So I answer this woman who did some research. I answer her that I know these links but that I found nothing precise corresponding to the facts that Gladio seems to want to show me the previous days.

I mean, the taking of hostages in Paris and the madness of Jawad Bendaoud. These two operations, quite media, were obviously organized, by Gladio, to show me the effects of this weapon. This demonstration was coming after the 6 family disputes, including two in Belgium, where the father starts to kill, wound, or hammer his children, but also to attack the police immediately when they arrive. To this must be added the two girls murdered by their mother, in this gendarme barracks on the outskirts of Lyon.

I point out to this person that Gladio seems to have seen her interest for the topic and that they appreciate, since the signal of Gladio is increasing while we exchange. She did not answer that, probably because she realized that she was speaking with Satan's voice.

Sunday, June 17, 2018, at 10:30 am, a Muslim woman, a regular customer of a Leclerc store in the South of France, brandished a cutter and injured two people at the supermarket cashier after shouting Allahu Akbar. When one of the people manages to immobilize her, he begins to talk to her. He says that she has a very soft voice, but that she seemed to have become a puppet, without any strength. The madwoman told him that Allah told her to do this and that she wanted the police to kill her. She is known for psychiatric problems, but never with violence and was not known either by the police force. I do not see this event again in the news. It is almost an insignificant fact and we are Sunday.

At 13:00, a second attack took place in Afghanistan, but this time on behalf of the Taliban which causes 18 dead. I do not see it either, not being on the relevant Google news page.

Monday, June 18, 2018, at 1:30 am, I wake up in the Philippines and I look again at the signal Gladio. It remains resolutely flat and I wonder what goes into their heads. It has been this way for several days. I thought at first that the reason was the feast of Eid Al-Adha, but the feast is over and that signal is still not moving.

However, I decide to complete, as I usually do, Gladio's signal with my own activities. There are mainly my sleep times that are often visible on Gladio's signal. This gives me the feeling that my sleep and the fact that I am disconnected from the Internet, creates extra work for Gladio, who may then have to find other means of surveillance and protection.

I start then, one hour, then another, then I check my emails, sent, received and my tchat on Skype and Facebook. It is then by recording these moments that I understand that the signal of Gladio, shows everything as usual, but in a crushed way. The signal does not exceed 500 connections per hour, but everything is crushed;

  • June 16, 7:49 am Charlotte's post with my email, in her Facebook group;
  • Immediately, the beginning of a first operation Gladio;
  • 15h, the attack on behalf of the IS, in Afghanistan and claimed by the IS, behind which, naturally Gladio;
  • 18h, the taxi riding on supporters in Moscow, with a new immediate start of Gladio operation;
  • June 17, 6am, the answers of a member of the group of Charlotte and which relate essentially to the psychotronic weapons. These answers provoke an increase in Gladio's signal, which I had even pointed out to her;
  • 10:30 am, the cutter attack by a Muslim woman, in a Leclerc hypermarket in the South of France;
  • 13:00, a new attack in Afghanistan, this time by the Taliban, behind which, again, Gladio.

I then understand all that I had not seen and all that followed the famous mail left to Charlotte and she then posted on his group. Afghanistan had known only 24 hours of peace, where Afghans and Taliban were hugging each other, which had covered the press around the world.

Indirectly, I had put an end to it and I discovered it now. I know that Gladio was waiting for this opportunity to hit Afghanistan, and that this post was only used to fix the moment, but still. They used it twice, after the post of my email and after the reaction, the next day, by this reader. We can also wonder if this one is not a fake profile destined to provoke my answers and thus the second attack in Afghanistan and the cutter attack in Leclerc. It does not look like a fake profile, but it does not show anything on Facebook and other profiles on the Internet, all show the same photo, but not much more.

So, Gladio was very far from stopping communication, but they had changed the scale.

At 5:20 am, I then begin to write a new report by checking everything again.

Around 8:00 am, I see that Gladio is marking time with a strong point on their signal. I know the only meaning to that is that my report is expected.

Around 9:30, while my report is almost finished, my Internet is cut for maintenance reasons, told me the SMS that I receive on my mobile at 9:37. Gladio is going to worry ...
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